Bio Resonance Scan with Graded Frequency Application


  • Bio Resonance Grade Scan (£40 Value)

  • 15 Minutes Contact Mode Frequency Application (£15 Value)

Total Value: £65

Start your frequency journey here! Identify & Disassemble @ £40

Please note no health protocols and advice will be offered without the Health Coach Membership upgrade. The Rife frequencies sometimes overlap with beneficial bacteria, it is therefore suggested that you be on a probiotic regime prior to commencing beneficial application of graded frequencies.

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Mobile Frequency Delivery

We're battery powered to allow mobile delivery of frequencies using contact mode in the Bedfordshire area - we'll deliver mobile frequencies further out from Bedfordshire with the addition of a travel disbursement for costs. What's this all about?

What to expect

Visit us in Biggleswade for the ultimate power pulsed electromagnetic fields generated using plasma - the original Rife delivery mechanism. For mobile delivery of frequencies we'll use electrostatic contact mode for both grading and delivering the beneficial frequencies. We can also emulate most substances using molecular weight which we find useful in helping addications and withdrawal. Please note we do not provide medical services, we provide access to equipment and database computer services for those just begining their frequency based experience.


Kevin Flynn

Founding Member

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