Vibrant Frequencies in 20ml Distilled Water Vibrant Vibrations

Vibrant Vibrations

We use distilled water and apply the required frequency using coil or cold laser.

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Bioresonance CourseBecome Accredited

Bioresonance Course

Become profecient in bioresoance technology, our bioresonance course arms you with the knowledge and competency to identify and devitalise pathogens and emulate substances by molecular weight.

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Mobile Contact Mode Placeholder

Mobile Contact Mode

We come to you in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire.

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Analysis using digitiser Digital Sampling

Digital Sampling

Find target pathogens without being connected with contact mode wires. Very useful for determing frequency from animal saliva and stool samples for running in remote to reduce trauma to the animal.

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Bioresonance CourseRemote Quantum Entanglement

Remote Quantum Entanglement

Spooky action at a distance as described by Einstein use scalar technology to apply frequencies using fingernails. Works at any distance instantly.

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Phanotron Plasma Tube Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies [PEMF]

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies [PEMF]

Heralded as the cure of all diseases back in 1960. Research discontinued by cancer research organisations.

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Bioresoance Digital Rife machines.

Bioresonance scans use electrical voltage signals to determine pathogenic activity. When pathogens resonate the increased power drain is detected and recorded. Electrical signals travel very fast, the response detected is a measurement of the electrical signal and does not rely on a physiological response like a heart beat or perspiration.

The membership association was founded by father and son in March 2020. Our experience in frequency technology was born out of necessity to find remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome, gingivitis, periodontal disease, Crohn's and Colitis as we had been unable prior to frequency generator upgrades to make progress back to health using good diet and excercise alone.

The Identify and Disassemble membership searches frequencies relating to the mortal oscillation rates of your target pathogens.

Once identified we start with contact mode using boost and run the top one or two frequencies for thirty minutes (30 minutes one frequency or 15 minutes each for two frequencies).

We recommend following up with one hour of plasma application (additional £60) and then two weeks of remote quantum entanglement (additional £50) as this combination has proven time and again to be affective for a variety of issues.

BiofeedbackGenerator X Contact Mode

Royal Raymond Rife proved denaturing of microbes verifying his results over ten times before recording results on BX / BY viruses and tubuculosis. Chronic issues require six to twelve months and we will suggest you get your own generator and help you set up and get running correctly.

A brief history of Rife machines.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was an extremely intelligent inventor and a pioneer in carcinogens. During the 1930s, he designed several optical microscopes that could observe the virus. With the help of those microscopes, he invented the theory of the Rife machine and successfully proved beneficial outcomes on human bodies in 1934. In 1971, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife died of a heart attack in California. How did such a scientific giant die of a heart attack?

As we know, 16 hopeless cancer patients accepted frequencies conducted by Rife at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, CA in 1934. In the first three months, Rife frequencies benefited 14 out of 16 patients. Another 6 weeks later, the other two patients also benefited from the frequencies. A team of medical specialists assigned by the University of South California confirmed this big achievement. In 1938, Rife formed a corporation called “Beam Rays Incorporated” with his partners. One year later, because of some shady business going on with the sale of shares and some other reasons, the corporation was sued and taken to court. Once the trial began, Rife was totally isolated by AMA and its members. This trial completely frustrated him and ended in tragedy. In this battle, Rife almost lost everything including the corporation and support from the scientific community. After the trial, Rife began to use alcohol to calm his nerves. If the court case in 1939 was a disaster for Rife’s career, then the year of 1957 would be a calamity for his life. In 1957, Rife’s wife died after spending 45 happy years with him. She married him in 1912, and since then, she had been his greatest support during ups and downs in all those years. We could only imagine how that feels to lose the love of one’s life. Just like many people, Rife started to drink more often to ease himself. Blows from both career and life knocked this scientific genius down and continued the drinking problem till the end. Late in life, Rife even began to take Valium sometimes in drinking to help his sleep. On August 11, 1971, at Grossman Hospital in El Cajon, California, he died of 83 years-old after a heart attack caused by the overdose of the combination of alcohol and Valium.

It’s a shame that such a genius died so tragic. But on the bright side, he still left us a big fortune, his theory of frequency. It’s said that the Rife machine also benefited his wife’s back which was struck by lightning and extended Rife’s life. While we are still exploring in this field, we hope to bring benefit to more people as Rife intended. If you want to buy a modern Rife machine please click the image below or visit the Spooky2 website.

A Rife Machine uses the principles of Royal Rife, a brilliant scientist who lived during the last century. He discovered that micro-organisms can be destroyed using frequencies. He performed thousands of experiments, each proving that cancer has a viral cause, and that damaging this virus usually resulted in a beneficial outcome. As a final test, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to bring terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to a San Diego lab and clinic for frequency application. The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine cadavers and any patients still alive in 90 days. After 90 days, the Committee found that 86.5% of the patients had benefited. The frequencies were then adjusted, and the remaining people also responded within four weeks. The total benefit rate was 100%.

Private Members Health Club.

Our new health club provides members access to electro medical research technology that is not currently recognised or available through the NHS. Please read our constitution.

Membership plans

Graded Scan or High Frequency Biofeedback Scan £5.00
• 500 Graded Frequencies or 40000Hz – 18000000Hz at 100Hz intervals.

Identify & Disassemble Mobile Contact Mode £40.00
• Graded or High Frequency Biofeedback Scan.
• Thirty minutes contact mode.
• Totally mobile - we visit you. 10 mile radius from Biggleswade only.

Two Weeks Remote Quantum Entanglement £50.00
• Application of remote frequencies using a small slither of finger or toe nail, works best with a graded scan first.

Terrain Digital Detox Quantum Entanglement £55.00
• 15 day detoxification – found to improve results when done before frequency application.

Digital jab detox £230.00
• 3 hours plasma split between mRNA, spike protein & prions followed by 14 days specific jab remote frequencies with molecular emulation of ivermectin, hydroxy chloraquine, vitamin C, N-Actyly Cistine, heparin ...

Sixty Minutes Beam Ray Plasma £60.00
Application of pulsed graded electromagnetic frequencies using the original Doctor Royal Rife’s 20,000 volt “beam ray gun” style plasma device:
• Bleeding gums (gingivitis trophozoites & streptococcus pyogenes – no need to even open your mouth).
• Viruses, colds and flu, Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (zenotrophic murine retrovirus), yeast overgrowths (candida).
• Bacterial infections.
• Visit us for plasma in Sandy, Bedfordshire as Phanotron tubes require 240V mains electric hook up.
• Personal successful experience applying frequencies for: bleeding gums; dementia (lewy body); prions; star tick (co infections); Corona viruses, Crohn’s, colitis.

Each target pathogen requires a graded scan plus 30 minutes of plasma to the target area. Areas larger than 15cm2 may require additional application time. Chronic conditions require multiple applications.

Frequency List: Downloadable Frequency List

Bioscan Private Members Association Terms and Conditions.

I, the principle legal embodiment for the member resulting from the personal particulars used for membership paid electronically, do hereby apply for membership in Bioscan Private Members Association, a private membership association. With the payment of this membership agreement I accept the offer made to become a member of Bioscan Private Members Association, and have read and agree with the following Declaration of Purpose from Article I of Bioscan Private Members Association Articles of Association. Bioscan Private Members Association is hereinafter referred to as “Association”,

1. This Association hereby declares that our main objective is to protect our rights to freedom of speech and freedom of choice regarding the healthcare products we purchase and sell, the healthcare education we provide and receive, the method of healthcare we choose, and the healthcare recommendations we provide to our members through maintaining both our unaleinable and unwritten and written Constitutional rights.

2. As members of the Association, we acknowledge that the Constitution of the United Kingdom is a set of laws and rules in the United Kingdom that governs how the country is organised and the basic rights and freedoms of the people. The UKs constitution is not written in one single document like many other countries are. In fact, the UK constitution is not completely written down at all. The basic principle of English spoken common law which predates codified written common law is "Do no harm". Some of the UK Constitution can be found in writing, starting with the Magna Carta of 1215 and the Bill of Rights Act 1689 and including more modern Acts of Parliament. Other parts of it are considered written common law and is made up of the decisions of judges over many hundreds of years in a system called legal or judicial precedence. Because of this, some people say that the United Kingdom has a de facto or "unwritten" constitution. Using the word "unwritten" is a problem, because most British laws and rules are written as statutes, or court judgments, the law of equity and in various treaties. Most of these laws come from the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Because most of the constitution is written down in this way, it is not technically correct to call it "unwritten" or "de facto". However, these words are still used. The Constitution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is even more different to most other constitutions in that it is just a normal set of laws, and not a "higher" law that the government cannot easily change. The constitution has no more authority than any other law in the UK, and the government can change it just by passing a new Act.

3. We believe that the unalienable rights granted in the unwritten Constitution of the United Kingdom guarantees our members the rights of free speech, petition, assembly, and the right to gather together for the lawful purpose of advising and helping one another in asserting our rights. We strive to maintain the civil rights, constitutional guarantees, and freedom of choice for every member.

4. We declare the basic right of all of our members to select spokesmen from the Association officers and/or staff members, who could be expected to give wisest counsel and advice concerning the need for physical and mental healthcare advice and/or assistance and to select from our membership those members who are the most skilled to assist and facilitate the actual performance and delivery of therapy, treatment and care, as well as recommend products, services, and electronic and manual instruments.

5. We proclaim the freedom to choose and perform for ourselves the types of therapies and treatment modalities that we think best for assessing, treating and preventing illness and disease of our minds and bodies and for achieving and maintaining optimum wellness. We proclaim and reserve the right to include medical and health options that include, but are not limited to, cutting edge treatment modalities and therapies practised or used by any type of health coaches, healers or therapists or practitioners the world over, whether traditional or non traditional, conventional or unconventional.

6. More specifically, the mission of our Association is to provide members with the highest quality electronic instruments, subtle energy devices and accessories. The Association provides education regarding our products and services to assist members to strive to provide the highest level of quality care by using the safest and most effective methods. The Association members work with other members and provide prevention methods and/or therapies or recommendations for their health condition, and not merely for the symptoms experienced, or from self-diagnosis, or based on a medical label (disease or disorder) given to them from an outside source.

7. The Association reserves the right to provide and develop new products and technology as we deem necessary for professional and/or personal use by our members. The Association provides the most advanced products and technologies to assess all aspects of a member’s declared or undeclared health in the provision of professional services. The Association specializes in: biofeedback, Cold Laser and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) devices, Light Energy Systems and LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) Light Therapy devices, pain management, stress management, peak performance, rejuvenation, disease prevention, longevity, anti ageing, holistic, and nutritional alternates; the manufacturing, assembly and distribution of electronic medical devices and various subtle energy devices (IE: Class I, II, and III Biofeedback Devices, Light Energy Systems, Frequency Emitting Devices, etc.) and health accessories (For example: energy patches, energy bracelets and pendants etc.); in natural health remedies, tinctures, homeopathics (homoeopathies) and custom homeopathy, herbs and herbal products, essential oils and aromatherapy products, nutraceutical health products, supplements, topical skin products; environmental safety products;education and training for the use of aforementioned devices, products, and services; and offers these in the wholesale and retail markets as alternates or inclusive to any previous or existing treatment.

8. The Association will recognise any person (irrespective of race, colour, or religion) who is in accordance with these principles and policies as a member, and will provide a medium through which its individual members may associate for the expression of their own personal and/or private views.

9. The Association will assist members through education to find solutions for legal problems and concerns as a preventative measure or as a solution to a present situation or condition through research, providing information and education, or directing the member to an appropriate resource.


I understand that the fellow members of the Association that provide products, services, care and education, do so in the capacity of a fellow member and not in the capacity as a licensed health care provider. I further understand that within the association no doctor-patient relationship exists but only a contract member- member Association relationship. In addition, I have freely chosen to change my legal status as a public patient, customer or client to a private member of the Association. I further understand that it is entirely my own responsibility to consider the advice and recommendations offered to me by my fellow members and to educate myself as to the efficacy, risks, and desirability of same and the acceptance of the offered or recommended diagnosis, assessment, therapy, treatment and care is my own carefully considered decision. Any request by me to a fellow member to assist me or provide me with the aforementioned diagnosis, assessment, therapy, treatment and care is my own free decision in an exercise of my rights and made by me for my benefit, and I agree to hold the Trustee(s), staff and other worker/staff members and the Association harmless from any unintentional liability for the results of such care, except for harm that results from instances of a clear and present danger of substantive evil as determined by the Association.
The Trustee and members have chosen Kevin Flynn as the person best qualified to perform services to members of the Association and entrust him to select other members to assist him in carrying out that service.

In addition, I understand that, since the Association is protected by the written and unwritten constitutional documents, it is outside the jurisdiction and authority of State Agencies and Authorities concerning any and all complaints or grievances against the Association, any Trustee(s), members or other staff persons. All rights of complaints or grievances will be settled by an Association Committee and will be waived by the member for the benefit of the Association and its members. Because the privacy and security of membership records maintained within the Association which have been held to be inviolate, the undersigned member waives privacy rights and complaint process. Any medical or healthcare records kept by the association will be strictly protected and only released upon written request of the member. I agree that violation of any waivers in this membership contract will result in a no contest legal proceeding against me. In addition, the Association does not participate in any medical insurance plans or collections on behalf of the member but will provide a suitable invoice for the member who has received paid services from the Association, to pursue reimbursement by his/her insurance company, if applicable.

I agree to join the Association, a private membership association under common law, whose members seek to help each other achieve better health and live longer with good quality of life.

I understand that the doctors, nurses, and other non-licensed providers who are fellow members of the Association may offer me advice, services, education, and other benefits that do not necessarily conform to conventional medical care. I do not expect these benefits to include on-call coverage, hospital care, or the usual and customary care provided by most physicians. I will receive such primary and specialist care elsewhere. I fully understand that the benefits I receive from the Association might or might not be covered by my health insurance and not at all by the National Health Service.

As a member, I accept the goals of helping my body function better and choosing techniques that are both very safe and have a reasonably good chance to succeed, realising that no diagnostic technique or treatment is foolproof. If I choose to forgo drugs, surgery, or radiation that has been recommended to me by others, I fully accept the risk that I might suffer serious consequences from that choice.

Other aspects of informed consent will take place in my discussions with the assigned member service providers and my fellow members of the Association.

My activities within the Association are a private matter that I refuse to share with the National Medical Board, the NHS, BMA, BUPA, or my own insurance company, or any other governmental or medical agency without expressed specific permission from the current Association Trustee, Association President, or Association Vice President. All records and documents remain as property of the Association, even if I receive a copy of them.

I fully agree not to file a malpractice lawsuit against a fellow member of the Association, unless that member has exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil. I acknowledge that the members of the Association do not carry malpractice insurance.

I enter into this agreement of my own free will or on behalf of my dependent without any pressure or promise of cure. I affirm that I do not represent any State or Government agency whose purpose is to regulate and approve products or regulate the practice of medicine. I have read and understood this document, and my questions have been answered fully to my satisfaction. I understand that I can withdraw from this agreement and terminate my membership in this association in writing at any time without any financial refund. These pages and Article I of the articles of association of the Association consist of the entire agreement for my membership in the Association and they supersede any previous agreement.

I understand that the membership fee entitles me to receive those benefits declared by the Trustee(s) to be “general benefits” free of further charge. I agree to pay as levied those benefits that I receive that are declared by the Trustees to be “special assessments”, per Fee Schedule.

I enclose the sum of £10.00 Sterling as consideration for my health coach membership fee, said appointment beginning with the date of executions of membership payment, and by this action do hereby certify, attest and warrant that I have carefully read the above and foregoing Bioscan Private Members Association requirements for membership and I fully understand and agree with same.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I set my hand electronically as per the date of the purchase of this membership and the private particulars included therewith.

Bioscan Private Members Association.

Approved and accepted as per the date of this electronic membership purchase.

By Kevin Flynn Founding Member.

Imprinting water with frequencies

There are four ways to imprint frequencies into water, we currently offer the first two methods of imprinting. They are PEMF coil and cold laser. Plasma imprinting is not recommended due to the variability of the output compared to the pure output of coil based pulsed electromagnetic frequencies and cold laser. Imprints using scalar waves are not currently available.


The reason why there’s a hole in the middle of coil is that it gives the ability to implant frequencies into liquids. The hole is the right size for vials (small glass containers) to slide in. The idea is that people put medicine, tinctures, or even water, into a test tube or small container and place it in the coil which is resting flat on a table. They then run treatment frequencies on the contents of the bottle. After a while they stop the generator and drink the contents of the bottle. People think this is a good way of getting frequencies into the body. They use frequencies that they would otherwise use on themselves.

Spooky2 Cold Laser

It’s very good to use cold laser to imprint frequencies. Possibly the best way would be using Spooky2 Cold Laser Wrist, because of the fact that it’s so large.

You can have a small glass of water. You can put it on the top of the water, so they can get the benefit of five cold lasers all working together with coherent light placing over the top. The cold laser is a very good way of applying frequencies into the water. It’s actually better than the coil, where it can take only something like 10seconds for the fast frequencies / the high frequencies. If you want to put lower frequencies into the water, you choose the treatment time over perhaps an hour for the very low frequencies.

For viewers who aren’t very familiar with imprinting frequencies into the water, the idea is you treat the water, and then you drink a small part of the water. And that’s the convenient way of applying the frequencies directly into your body internally.

Generator X Contact Mode Mobile

Generator X MobileHave the first mobile Rife system brought to you in as little as 30 minutes from contact and begin receiving your graded, high frequency biofeedback scans and contact mode application of optimised frequencies whilst sitting in our battery powered mobile car deployment watching the action (and feeling it) as the Identify & Disassemble™ membership runs its programs over 40 minutes.

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Digital Sampling

Sample Digitiser AttachmentSample digitizer is used for direct Generator X scanning of biological samples (Urine, Saliva, Blood, etc.). This enables us to perform remote biofeedback scans. You are not required to be connected by wires.

The result of sample scan is accurate, owing to the high ratio of pathogens within the sample. Spooky2 Sample Digitizer is better suited than TENS scans for finding pathogens in your body.

Spooky2 Sample Digitizer can also be used for subsequent energy balancing using the next version of Spooky2 Software, which is an experimental function. For effective energy balancings, we recommend using plasma, contact or remote mode to run your scan results.

Spooky2 Sample Digitizer has two parts: a sample digitizer and a pair of replacement slides. Spooky2 Sample Digitizer Replacement Slides are disposable.

Remote Quantum Entanglement

Remote Quantum Entanglement The new and improved Spooky2 Remote v2.0

Remote energy balancings apply energy balancing frequencies at any distance using the recipient’s DNA. This was referred to as “Spooky action at a distance” by Einstein.

All testers found the new Spooky2 Remote to be significantly better than the earlier model.

Advantages of the new Spooky2 Remote include:

Can be used for both healing and killing presets.
No fatigue during long-term use.
DNA can be placed anywhere within the holder.
More consistent results.
Better frequency response.
Protection against sharp edges.
Improved indication lights.
Simplified DNA insertion and removal.

Spooky2 Boost needed to connect Spooky2 Remote v2.0 to generator can be ordered here:


We recommend connecting one Spooky2 Remote v2.0 to one Spooky2 Boost.
The Spooky2 software requires Windows.

Safe and Effective Energy Balancer
Start your body energy balancing journey with Spooky2 now! This is the best non-drug solution for your body energy balancing. We offer you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

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Bioresonance Course

We're currently upgrading our server and installing the Open Edx platform, once we have that running then we'll compile the data we've accumulated and publish it as courses on the various operations required to run digital Rife machines.

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